Our advisory approach

The lawyers of Scheja & Partners Rechtsanwälte draw upon many years of experience in providing advice to clients on data protection issues in the context of ambitious special projects and the long-term support of in-house data protection officers.

Our lawyers provide advisory services all over the world and in various languages. Their services are not limited to typical tasks of lawyers, like expert opinions, statements or drafts, reviews and evaluations of contracts and policies, but rather, they include the proactive and dedicated support and assistance provided to clients in the context of the operative implementation of the required data protection measures.

The lawyers of Scheja & Partners Rechtsanwälte provide advice to their clients by means of teams which consist of two to five lawyers, and they are trustworthy partners who ensure personal advice and bespoke, client-specific proximity. This involves leaving outmoded patterns of thought behind and developing innovative and modern concepts for a successful data protection strategy, jointly with the clients.

The experience and the expert knowledge of our lawyers, who have received special training in the core areas of data protection law, enable them to help in such a manner that the best possible practicable solution is achieved for complex, hitherto unknown, and sometimes even risky projects, in a way that is as effective, quick, and smooth as possible.