Training and raising of awareness

We are happy to assist you when you have to require your employees to maintain confidentiality in the context of the processing of personal data.

Every controller has to ensure that his employees process personal data solely in a data protection compliant way. In order to fulfil this obligation, he should acquaint his employees with their obligations relating to data protection law. To achieve this, it is necessary to conduct regular trainings and to implement measures to raise awareness.

Scheja & Partners Rechtsanwälte offer bespoke classes and inhouse training courses on the topic of data protection. The experienced trainers and speakers impart basic knowledge as well as specialized knowledge about complex special topics. Training courses provided by Scheja & Partners Rechtsanwälte do not merely impart theoretical background knowledge, but rather practicable standards, knowledge, and options for action in a day-to-day working environment. The trainers attach particular importance on not only teaching abstract knowledge, but rather to enrich the courses with realistic examples that are directly taken from the advisory practice. The participants receive informative and concise conference documents that include useful tools that can be used in practice.

The venue of the training depends on the needs of the clients and the event may take place on location at the client’s premises, in any conference venue, or in one of our modern and fully equipped training centres at the office locations of our law firm.