Data protection areas

The advice we provide is exclusively confined to data protection law – and this means each and every area of this complex field of law.

An overview of the data protection areas covered by us

Employee data protection

We are happy to provide advice on how employee data can be handled in a way that complies with data protection law.

Commissioned data processing

We are happy to optimize the contractual framework with your service providers for you.

Customer data protection/CRM

We will put your CRM database to the test.

Corporate data protection

We assist you in processing internal data transfers within your company.

Banking and financial data protection

We advise you on the implementation of data protection compliant procedures and the creation of an effective data protection organization.

Protection of data concerning health

We will help you to protect yourself from sector-specific risks.

Protection of social data

We provide you with comprehensive advice on the sector-specific provisions relating to the protection of social data.

Data protection in churches and religious associations

We will also explain which provisions from churches or religious associations or which governmental provisions take precedence.

Technological and organizational aspects of data protection

We will be happy to assist you to be prepared in the best possible way to face the security risks that the processing of personal data entails.

Data protection under the German Telecommunications Act

We will help you to comply with sectoral regulations prescribed by the German Telecommunications Act.

Data protection obligations of public bodies

Our experience with providing data protection advice to administrative districts as well as various public authorities spans over many years.

International data protection

We will be happy to explain which requirements have to be complied with in the context of trans-border data flows.