Our service portfolio comprises all advisory services pertaining to data protection issues that can be provided by lawyers.

An overview of our services

Legal advice on data protection

We are lawyers who provide advice on data protection law to ensure that our clients’ data processing activities comply with the law.

External data protection officer

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and designate one of our lawyers as your external data protection officer.

Risk Assessment/Auditing

Our data protection audits include a target-performance comparison, a risk assessment and an action plan to effectively eliminate violations against data protection laws.

Data custodian

We provide the necessary know how in order to ensure a processing of sensitive data that is data protection compliant.

Reporting hotline for data breaches

We offer a reporting hotline for data breaches in the event of a suspected data breach.

Training and raising of awareness

We are happy to assist you when you have to require your employees to maintain confidentiality in the context of the processing of personal data.

Certification/Seals of approval

We provide advice on the selection of a suitable seal of approval and we accompany you during the certification process.

Data protection management

We support you in creating a functioning data protection management in your organization.

Data protection management system “PrivacyPilot”

The PrivacyPilot is a browser-based data protection management system developed by Scheja & Partners.

EU representative pursuant to Art. 27 GDPR

We assume the function of the EU representative pursuant to Art. 27 GDPR for controllers and processors from third countries, in particular, from Switzerland and the United States.